Finnish Cuisine Finland Kitchen Food Recipe
Finnish Cuisine

Karelian Pasties – Karjalanpiirakat

Karelian Pasties – Karjalanpiirakat Ingredients: — 1 decilitre water — ½ – 1 tsp salt — 2½ decilitre rye flour Rice filling: — 2,5 decilitre water — 1 litre milk — 2,5 decilitre rice — […]

Azerbaijani cuisine Azerbaijan kitchen food recipe
Azerbaijani Food

Meat Gutab Recipe

Gutab Recipe Gutab or qutab… Gutab is an well known Azerbaijani dish, made from thinly rolled dough that is cooked briefly on a convex griddle known as saj. Gutab or Qutab is made by creating […]

Georgian Cuisine Georgia Kitchen Food Recipe
Georgian Cuisine

Khachapuri Filling

Khachapuri Filling Recipe Khachapuri Filling Ingredients: — 500 grams Suluguni Cheese (or mozzarella) — 2 eggs — 1 tbsp butter Khachapuri Filling Recipe khachapuri directions: Khachapuri … Typically this would be the filling for a […]