Finnish Cuisine Finland Kitchen Food Recipe
Finnish Cuisine

Fish Soup – Kalakeitto

Ingredients: — 1 kg fish — 1 l water — 1 tsp salt — 1 onion — 10 allspice (whole) dill stems — 1/2 leek — 4 large potatoes — 4 dl milk — 1 […]

Laotian Cuisine Laos Kitchen Food Recipe
Laotian Cuisine

Steamed Fish With Young Ginger

Serves. 3-4 Ingredients: 750 g ( l 1/2 lb) fresh fish fillets or steaks about 125 g (4 oz.) fresh young ginger root juice of l lemon 2 tablespoons peanut oil 1 tablespoon sesame oil […]

Danish Cuisine Denmark Kitchen Food Recipe
Danish Food

Fish Meatballs

Fish Meatballs Danish fish meatballs or fish balls… Most Danes consider fish meatballs something you buy in the local supermarket. They’re packed four and four in plastic, and look like plastic, but don’t taste like […]

Bangladeshi Cuisine Bangladesh Kitchen Food Recipe
Bangladeshi Food

Fish Do-peAjA

. Fish Do-peAjA Recipe Do-peAjA Ingredients: — 1 cup Fish (preferably small, cut into small pieces – Works great with shrimp too) — 1/2 cup Sliced onions — 1 tspChilli powder/paste (red) — 1 tsp […]

Danish Cuisine Denmark Kitchen Food Recipe
Danish Food

Fish In Cream Sauce

. Fish In Cream Sauce This one is simple and fast, requires a little preparation and tastes wonderfull. Fish In Cream Sauce Ingredients: — 3/4 kilogram (1½ lb.) of lean fish fillet without bones. Cod […]