Libyan Cuisine Libya Kitchen Food Recipe
Libyan Cuisine

Dolma Mshakila

Dolma Mshakila Ingredients: 4 bell pepper ½ cup of rice 3 potatoes 1 spoon dry mint 2 zucchinis ½ cup of lemon 3 tomato ½ spoon salt ½ lamb meat ½ spoon black pepper 1 […]

Aruban Cuisine Aruba Kitchen Food Recipe
Aruban Recipes

Keshi Yena Recipe

Serves 10-12 Frugality was the keynote of island living in earlier times, when provisions had to last from the visit of one sailing ship to the call of another. In this classic recipe the shell […]

Azerbaijani cuisine Azerbaijan kitchen food recipe
Azerbaijani Food

Heyva Dolmasi Recipe

Heyva Dolmasi – Stuffed Quince Recipe Heyva Dolmasi Ingredients: Dolma, or stuffed vegetables, are a mainstay of Azerbaijani cuisine. The name comes from a Turkic verb meaning “to fill” or “stuff”, “dolmaq” in Azerbaijani. The […]

Azerbaijani cuisine Azerbaijan kitchen food recipe
Azerbaijani Food

Yarpag Dolmasy Recipe

Yarpag Dolmasy Recipe Yarpag Dolmasy Ingredients: — Mutton – 180 gr. — rice – 30 gr. — onion – 20 gr. — herbs (coriander, dill and mint) – 15 gr. — leaves of grape – […]

Georgian Cuisine Georgia Kitchen Food Recipe
Georgian Cuisine

Khachapuri Filling

Khachapuri Filling Recipe Khachapuri Filling Ingredients: — 500 grams Suluguni Cheese (or mozzarella) — 2 eggs — 1 tbsp butter Khachapuri Filling Recipe khachapuri directions: Khachapuri … Typically this would be the filling for a […]

Iraqi Cuisine Iraq Kitchen Food Recipe
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Iraqi Almond Filling

Almond Filling Recipe Iraqi cuisine’s almond filling Recipe is quite easy dish. You can do it. Ofcourse you have to have the ingredients to make almond filling. almond filling ingredients: — 1 cup ground almonds […]