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Chicken Sukha (Dry)

Last time, I was being very tethered to Martha like instruction for recipe but for this one it is very unconventional approach to cooking. And, yes I’m going to talk gourmet not the run-of-the-mill lazy […]

Aruban Cuisine Aruba Kitchen Food Recipe
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Keshi Yena Recipe

Serves 10-12 Frugality was the keynote of island living in earlier times, when provisions had to last from the visit of one sailing ship to the call of another. In this classic recipe the shell […]

Laotian Cuisine Laos Kitchen Food Recipe
Laotian Cuisine

Yum Kai Tom Recipe

Yum Kai Tom Recipe Ingredients Special Laotian chicken dish in fish sauce… — 1 chicken, plucked-split open its underside and pull out the intestines; remove and cut open the gizzard, and strip it of its […]

Malagasy Cuisine Madagascar Kitchen Food Recipe
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Malagasy Akoho sy Voanio

Akoho sy voanio Akoho sy voanio (Chicken coconut stew from Madagascar cuisine). (serves 4) Ingredients: — One chicken — One coconut — Two tomatoes — Two onions — Two cloves of garlic — 20 grams […]