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Uyghur Noodles (Ugra)

Noodles with a grain or legume flour and water into a dough, or after rolling into tablets or pressure to cut or pressure, or use rubbing, and Latin America, pinch, and other means, made of strips (or narrow or Width, or flat or round) or small pieces, the last by cooking, fried, Caterers, from the bombing of a food.

Ingredients: lean meat, mustard, onions, noodles, mirrin, soy sauce, wet starch.



Practice: 1. Lean meat into silk, adding mirrin, soy sauce, wet starch, preserved for 10 minutes; mustard silk into bubble after the first 20 minutes to remove salt. 2. Pot into the oil, Add to Rousi casual speculation, then Add to hot pickled mustard tuber, after Chao Yun-sheng to. 3. Boil water after Add to noodles cooked remove, Add to bowl, then Add to speculation Rousi good mustard and Conghua to eat.

Zhumian skills: cooking noodles, people used to boil water and then into the dry noodles to cook, it is actually wrong. Because of dry noodles into boiling water in a short period of time, soft-cooked noodles quickly surface, forming a “divide” protective layer to prevent further boiling water into dry noodle house, causing a “hard core” noodles. This cook, both time-consuming and not cooked.

The right Zhufa, Zhumian in boiling water 2-3 minutes before the noodles into the pot will be dry, dry noodles have a chance to be the infiltration of water, water infiltration to be dry noodles, also Zhumian boiling water, Noodle will soon be cooked, so easy to cook and when cooked province.

Copper decorated furniture pieces of furniture. Long strip of the surface of the “noodles.”

On raw materials

Noodle commonly known as the “face” and “water”, “noodle-” Gu Cheng, “Tang cake” and “extravagance face”, “-pie” and “cooking the pie,” “water with cake,” and “not care”, and so the word noodles Is only the later; According to research, noodles originated in the Han Dynasty in China, has been 2000 years of history, because of noodles to the “soup” in the cook, so called “soup cake.” Early noodles are patchy, the strip. Flake asked the dough is in the hands and face pulled into a film Xiaguo from. To the Wei, Jin, Northern and Southern Dynasties, the increase in the types of noodles. The famous “Qimin to be of” record “with “,”??”,” water with water” is as thick noodles chopsticks pressure as “Chives leaves” shape ;”??” is extremely thin “Smooth The United States it is often ” the surface film. SHARE With Your Friends:

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