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Flavors of the world – Recipes for summer

Summer, sun and heat combine with a good light and tasty food. None of spend hours and hours cooking! Here are some delicious receitinhas, which are ready in just half an hour. With them, you make a light meal and



Salad with cereals

— 1 small lettuce
— 6 units of cherry tomatoes
— 1 medium carrot cut into sticks
— 100g of cheese cut into cubes mines
— 1 small red pepper
— 1 small yellow pepper
— 100g of breast-peru
— 5 bars of salted crumbly cereal (125g)

Method of preparation:

Wash the plants in running water. Take a large plate. Distribute the
lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, peppers and diced breast of peru. On top,
add the cheese and the cereal bars. Tempere to taste with salt, vinegar and
olive oil.

Time to prepare: 15 minutes.

Salmon in Papillote

— 4 put salmon seasoned with salt and lemon juice to taste
— 1 garlic poró (the white part), cut into thin slices
— 1 spoonful of soup, capers
— 2 tablespoons of olive flavor soup, margarine

Method of Preparation

Cut four pieces of paper-butter, 30 to 35 cm in length. Place
put each of salmon temperate in the centre of one of the halves of the paper.
Distribute the garlic-poró and delicious on top. Put half spoonful of soup,
margarine put on each. Close the papillote, making folds of 1 cm in all
the sides to close well. Put in a assadeira and light to medium oven
(180 º C) for about 20 minutes. Serve in itself papillote. Time to prepare: 30

Petit Gateau Light


— Light 150g margarine
— 150g of chocolate or chocolate dietary means bitter
— 4 tablespoons of soup full of sweetener powder itself to go to fire (or ½
cup sugar Light)
— 3 egg yolks
— 3 eggs
— 1 / 2 cup of tea wheat flour sieved

Method of preparation:

Melt the margarine with the chocolate in water bath. Add the egg yolks, eggs
and the whole sugar or sweetener, stirring well. Finally, add the flour
wheat. Stir well. Unte 8 forminhas large pie and distribute the weight. Take
the hot oven (250 ° C) for about 7 minutes or until crust in a form
surface of the cake. Remove, desenforme ice cream and serve with cream. If you like,
enfeite with chocolate syrup, strawberry or caramel. Time to prepare: 30

Magic Meatloaf

Serves 4-6


3 lbs. ground beef
1 onion, small, chopped and sauteed in olive oil
3 eggs
1/2 tsp. garlic powder
1 tsp. seasoned salt
1/2 tsp. freshly grated black pepper
3 T. parmesan cheese
1 C. bacon cracker crumbs
1/2 C. bacon cracker crumbs


Place the ground beef in a mixing bowl and add the eggs, seasoning, parmesan cheese, and the single cup of bacon cracker crumbs. Mix well and then shape into a loaf. Place the 1/2 cup of bacon cracker crumbs on a tray and roll the loaf in them to evenly coat the exterior.

Place the loaf on a baking dish, squirt a design on top with the ketchup and then back at 375 in a preheated oven for about an hour. Transfer the meatloaf to a serving platter and serve immediately SHARE With Your Friends:

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