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Chicken Sukha (Dry)

Last time, I was being very tethered to Martha like instruction for recipe but for this one it is very unconventional approach to cooking. And, yes I’m going to talk gourmet not the run-of-the-mill lazy bachelor cooking. It has the same ingredients but will taste different, you might like to leave the onions and try with the remaining and trying adding some fingerling potatoes because that makes the gravy thick which kicks it up a notch and is a good variation. And, to keep it inline with our garden theme, get the fresh tomatoes and some fresh basil

  • 3-4 tomatoes, the riper the better and straight from the vine would be ideal
  • Fresh garlic 2 cloves – Organic the better
  • Ginger – 1 quarter of a palm sized ginger root
  • Chicken thighs – 6-7 skinned, and little fat left intentionally – Mom says so!
  • 3-tb of Olive oil



Marinate the chicken with salt, pepper, turmeric and chili powder. Refrigerate for 10 minutes or so, make shallow cuts on the meat.

Prepare a paste of ginger and garlic (ging-gar).

In a shallow pan, put little bit of olive oil and heat it. Bring out the marinated chicken out and add it to the oil. As usual, burner needs to be spewing low flame. Roll it sideways then broadways, scoop it but be kind. Take the chicken out and put it aside. Use the same oil , add the crushed ging-gar paste to the oil, stir it a little bit, add cut potatoes even whole potatoes are ok, add the tomatoes then Now add the turmeric and chili powder to it, stir it , add salt to it. Stir it a little bit a. Now, it would be just simmering in that spice and would be blood red with strands of tomato skins floating in it. Add the chicken back into the pan, using a spatula fondle the mixture. Cover it back with the lid and wait for another 10 minutes; the sidekicks should be all losing its identity. And the end result, a simple and authentic chicken dish.

Get fresh basil from your garden, add it for garnish
What to have it with?
Wine – A full-bodied red, and that too Zinfandel
Roti – because it would have less gravy.
Have fun!

A variation you could try is to marinate with plain yogurt, and lime juice along with salt-pepper-chili ‘n’ turmeric. And, refrigerate it overnight. SHARE With Your Friends:

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