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Debessmanna Recipe

Debessmanna – Whipped Cranberry Dessert With Milk


Cranberries 75g (2.65oz) (or other berries),


Water 200g (7oz) ,

Sugar 50g (1.75oz) ,

Semolina 30g (1.05oz)

Debessmanna Recipe




Rinse cranberries. Crush and squeeze out juice. Place cranberry solids in a saucepan, cover with water, boil for five minutes and strain. Add sugar. Gradually add semolina, stirring constantly. Heat until semolina thickens, then add cranberry juice. Pour mixture into a bowl and cool rapidly. Whip mixture until it becomes light and airy and has doubled or tripled in volume. Serve in deep dessert dishes with cold milk.
Debessmanna Dessert From Latvia: This dessert  is prepared using cranberries, black or red currants, strawberries, raspberries or other berries or juice. Usually water, sugar and semolina are added. Debessmanna is served in deep dessert dishes and eaten with cold milk.

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