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Ngob Plaa

Remember those wrapped in banana’s leaves in the steamer? That yum-yum thing is called … ngob^ .. You may substitute catfish fillet with any kind of desired meat. I tried chicken and used cabbaged instead of bamboo shoot, not bad at all.



1. Catfish fillet (1 fish is more than enough!)
2. Bamboo shoot with bai-yaa”naang- (comes in a bottle).
3. Shallot (small-red onion) found in grocery store.
4. fresh hot pepper.
5. bai-hoo+ra^paa- (or bai-mAAng-lak^ or even bai-ga’prao-).
6. 3 table spoons of naam^plaa-

Cooking steps…

a. Empty bamboo shoot (with its water) into a sauce pan. Boil it for about 15 minutes (the longer the softener the bamboo shoot).
b. Using your altimate mortar, khloak’ 5-6 heads shallots and desirable amount of the hot pepper.
c. Dice the fish, about 1″ pieces.
d. Drain bamboo shoot, throw away the water.
e. Mix all ingredients, 1 to 5, in a big bowl or pot. Mix it well and add naam^plaa-.
f. Separate the mixture into 4-5 parts. Wrap each part by aluminum foil.
g. Steam them for about 25-30 minutes (somebody prefer grill it!). SHARE With Your Friends:

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