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Ingredients (for the combinations):

-shredded coconut (a cup)
-diced red union (half a cup)
-diced lime (half a cup)
-peanuts (half a cup)
-dried shrimps (half a cup)
-“shaploo” leaves (50-70 leaves)
-sliced hot greet pepper (option) (a table spoon)
-sliced lemon grass (option) (half a cup)




-shrimp paste (of famous brand, e.g. The Weighing Scale Brand)
(one third of a cup)
-coconut sugar (two thirds of a cup)


-heat the sugar until it is well melted syrup (sp?) then add
the shrimp paste, stir it while it is boiling or it will be
burned; taste if it tastes right or add some of the sugar
or shrimp if needed. (The right taste should be between
sweet and salty.)

Instruction for the preparing the shredded cocunut:
Buy a whole coconut from any food market . Then break its shell and take the while part out.
Wash it thoroughly. Make sure it must be fresh. Then shred it (without
peeling the brown skin that attachs the white part to the shell) into
a 1×1 milimeter shreds. Put the shredded coconut in a hot pan and stir
it until it is all brown (should take about 20 minutes with medium heat)

How to serve?:

Arrange all the ingredients in a compartment dish (if any, otherwise
put each ingredient in cup). Each guest will sit around preparing
his/her own bite. If “Shaploo” leaves are not available, lettuce or
spinarch could be substituted. Each take some of each ingredient and
put them on the leave, drop about half a tea spoon of the sauce on
them; wrap the leave and take it. The combination of the taste and
smell is the rule of the game! One can leave anything out if does
like it but make sure the lemon slice is taken.

Where to find the ingredients:
Most ingredients are available in a Thai or Laotian or Vietnamese grocery store. SHARE With Your Friends:

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