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Khao Haw


1. 2 cups of uncooked long grain rice
2. 1 pound of lean ground beef
3. 3-4 table spoons of thin soy sauce (sii- iw^ khaao+)



1. gra’thiaam- jiaaw- (chopped garlic, cooked in hot oil til yellow)
2. hOOm+dAAng- sOOy- (sliced shallots)
3. ton”hOOm+ sOOy- (cut-up scallions)
4. prig^ khii”nuu+ hAAng” thOOd” (fried dried small pepper)
5. naam^plaa- (fish sauce)

Cooking steps:

1. Cook rice with a tiny-bit little less water than usual.
2. Empty cooked rice into a big bowl, put beef and thin soy sauce.
Mix it well (your hand can be the best tool).
3. Devide the mixed ingredients in to portions. Wrap each portion
by aluminum foil.
4. Steam them for 25-30 minutes

Put the described condiments to the rice at the amount you see fit. And eat it at your own risk! 🙂 BTW, this khaao”haw’ goes well with tom”yam- and/or tom”khaa’.

P.S. If you use fresh or frozen banana leave to wrap it instead of aluminum foil…you’ll get an unbelievable better taste! SHARE With Your Friends:

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