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Ginger Chicken

Ginger Chicken

Start with a stove to create heat and a pan on it. Crush some fresh garlic, (the amount depends on the number of vampires in your house and if you have an important business meeting the next day) and sautee it together with a handful of chicken chunks until cooked. You will then need some fresh young ginger (I usually take about a quarter the amount of chicken, but be careful, sometimes ginger can be hot and spicy). Peel it and slice it into little chops. Also you need some black fungus that also needs to be converted into little sliced. Mushrooms can be used instead of the fungus.
So, the chicken and garlic is good, now you add the ginger and fungus, sautee some more and add just a little sugar (I know sugar is not good, so you can put something else sweet in it, like honey, or at least take brown sugar), and a bit of fish- and oyster-sauce and cook a bit more. Just before you turn off the heat add a small amount of green onions and (optional) some fresh green chili (for the fire on the tongue).

Serve all this over steamed rice (brown rice is recommended).


Ingredients like fungus, fish sauce, oyster sauce and ginger you can get at the Thai market. If you live in Thailand you are lucky – you probably have mostly Thai markets around.

In other areas of the world that might be a bit of a problem (not in Little Bangkok = LA, here we have plenty of Thai markets).

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