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Boua Loy

Let me think – we had main dishes, we had soup … but we did not have any dessert yet. We have to change that today. I actually should have started this whole page with a dessert because I’m very much into that. Sometimes I really need it, and then I get very unhappy if there is none in the house.
The unusual ingredient for Boua Loy is glutinous rice flour. Beside that we will also need some brown (if possible) sugar, or some even healthier sweetener. Also an egg, some coconut milk and a bit of salt.

We will have to make some dough from the rice flour and the trick is to get this dough just right. You start out with some of the flour that you mix with some water in a big bowl (OK, not THAT big – just a bowl.) and mix it well until you have something that resembles a dough.


It will probably be rather sticky to your hands if you touch it. Now start to knead it by adding small amounts of the flour, until the dough transforms into a big blob that you can knead without it sticking to your fingers any longer. Then it’s right.

Now form little balls of about half an inch from the dough. This is a nice job while you watch your favorite soap (it you like that stuff, that is). I don’t really know how much flour you have to start with (in ounces or grams) but I usually plan the ingredients so that I end up with about two hands full of these little balls.

Now you boil some water and give the little dough balls into it. They will magically float up when they are done. Take them out, drain them, and give them into some boiling coconut milk. Add sugar and a little salt till it’s just right for your sweet tooth.

I like to add an egg or two. I let them into the still boiling coconut milk whole without stirring so that they are poached.

That’s it for this little mouth teaser – the feel of the little balls in your mouth is really unusual and – yes – funny.

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