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Russian Vegetable Salad With Fish

Russian Vegetable Salad With Fish


— 250 g fillet of fish
— 1 (100 g) onion
— 1 (100 g) beet
— 150 g sauerkraut
— 2 (200 g) carrots
— 50 g salad dressing
— 3 (150 g) potatoes
— 100 g canned peas
— 100 g green onions
— 100 g pickled plums
— 150 g pickled cucumbers
— Greens


Directions for Russian Vegetable Salad With Fish

Either boiled or fried fish may be used in this vegetable salad. Boil a beet, carrot and potatoes; chill and cut up along with the pickled cucumber.

Slice the onion into half rings. Mince the green onions and slice the tomatoes. Squeeze the sauerkraut, but if it is too sour, wash it cold water, squeeze and then add.

Now prepare the fish for vegetable salad.

Cut the fish into little chunks. Combine with vinegar and oil dressing or mayonnaise. If boiled fish is used, add the green peas and pickled plums. Garnish with greens.

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Vegetable Salad Russian Vegetable Salad With Fish

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