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Stuffed Cabbage Rolls


1 large head of Cabbage, green


1 cup chopped onion

3 cloves of garlic, minced

½ pound lean ground beef

½ pound lean ground pork

1-½ cups cooked rice

½ pound mushroom buttons, chopped

½ to 1 cup raisins

2 eggs, beaten

salt and pepper to taste


Boil 6 cups of water with a little salt in a large pot. Carefully remove 10-12 outer leaves from Cabbage head. Add to boiling water and boil until they are soft. Remove softened Cabbage leaves from the water and set aside to cool.

Prepare filling or stuffing.

In a large frying pan, heat ¼ cup cooking oil over high heat. Saute the garlic, then onions, then mushrooms until browned, stirring all the time. Add the ground meats and raisins, cook, stirring until meats are browned. Season with salt and pepper. Divide into 10 portions.

Prepares the rolls.

Place on leaf on a plate. Place one portion of stuffing in center of leaf and fold the stem side over the stuffing, then fold the sides over the folded stem side. Roll the partially covered stuffing over to form a roll. Place stuffed cabbage roll on a greased shallow baking pan (preferably glass).

Repeat procedure until you have made used all wilted cabbage leaves and made 10 rolls and arranged them in a single layer in the baking pan.

Prepare sauce.

In sauce pot or skillet, combine ¼ cup butter and ¼ cup flour, blending well. Stir in 1 can 6-ounce tomato paste and dilute with 2 cups of the of the water in which leaves had been boiled. Pour sauce over cabbage rolls.

Bake, covered, for 50 minutes or 1 hour, uncovered for 10 minutes to brown tops, in 350F oven.

If you use a Pyrex glass pan, square or round, you can serve the rolls right in the same pan.

This is a good party dish because you can prepare it a day ahead and keep it in the fridge, then heat it just before serving. Use ½ cup of filling to make a roll for a good size serving, neither too small nor too big.

Stuffed Bell Peppers

You can use the same recipe for filling or stuffing for sweet red or green Bell Peppers.

Buy 4 (for 8 servings) of the largest bell peppers you can find.

Par boil them boiling water to soften them (but don’t make them too soft). Cut each into halves lengthwise and carefully remove the seeds and cores from each half. Arrange pepper halves in greased shallow baking pan and fill each with the meat mixture, then pour the sauce over them. Bake in a moderate oven for 30 minutes, covered, for 10 minutes uncovered.

You will help the stuffed peppers keep their shapes if you arrange them in the baking pan close to each other.

If you like the peppers to be still crisp when served, do not parboil them but cut them into halves, seed and core them while raw.

For an attractive dish, choose rather small-sized peppers and use them whole and fill them and bake them standing up. Cut off the top of each and carefully remove the seeds and cores. Arrange them close to each other, with open tops up, and carefully fill with stuffing. You will probably need more then ½ cup of the stuffing for each of the whole pepper.

In the Philippines, these stuffed peppers are served as special treats at parties and feasts and chopped ham or canned vienna sausages are added to the filling. SHARE With Your Friends:

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