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Japanese Tamagoyaki Recipe

Tamagoyaki Recipe

Ingredients for Tamagoyaki Recipe:

— 6 eggs
— 1 tsp soy sauce (use light if you have it to keep the eggs a brighter yellow; otherwise, dark will do)
— 1 Tbsp sugar


(If you have kosher sources for hon-dashi granules and mirin, mix 1/2 cup lukewarm-not-hot water with 1/4 tsp dashi granules, then mix that and 1 tsp mirin with the rest of the mixture. I didn’t have these ingredients, and the eggs turned out fine anyway.)

Directions for Tamagoyaki Recipe:

First, check the eggs for blood spots. Then whisk them until they’re well mixed, and add the other ingredients and whisk until smooth but not frothy.

Heat a rectangular tamago pan (if you have one) or a regular nonstick pan (if not) over low to medium heat, to the point where a couple drips of egg cook within a few seconds but don’t scorch. Put a thin layer of egg in the bottom of the pan (you may want to dump out the extra if it hasn’t set up within a minute).

If you’re making fukusa-style wrappings to use as an egg-type replacement for nori on the outside of sushi, just flip the thin layer of egg and cook for a couple seconds on the other side, then move the flat crepe-like egg to a plate to wait for the sushi rice.

If you want to use egg strips in nori, also cook them like that, and then slice them into approximately 1/4 to 1/2 inch ribbons so they’ll fit conveniently into the center of a roll.

If you’re making full tamagoyaki — a thick egg roll that’s sliced with fingers of omelet set on top of a finger of nigiri rice and wrapped with a thin obi cut from nori — then you wait until the egg is mostly set (a little damp on top but nothing pours around when you tilt the pan) and then roll the egg to one side of the pan.

Tilt up the bottom edge of the egg roll and add more egg to the pan so it seals the two pieces together when the new part cooks. Repeat the cook-til-mostly-done-and-roll procedure until you have a fairly fat egg roll that you can slice and lay atop a sushi finger.

Tamagoyaki Recipe

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