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Swedish Jul Glögg Recipe

Jul Glögg Recipe

Glögg is a spiced, sugared and simmered (or ‘mulled’) red wine. In Sweden this is a beverage consumed almost exclusively during the Christmas season, usually with raisins and blanched almonds added. Glögg is preferably served in a special little mug with a handle.

— 3 parts dry red wine ((Gallo) Burgundy)
— 2 parts sweet red wine ((Gallo) Port)
— 1 part Vodka


— 1 cup water.
— 2 teaspoons sugar.
— 1-1/2 cup Burgundy (dry red wine).
— 1 cut-up orange (in sections) with peel.

— 1/2 slice orange or lemon peel, finely chopped ( TableSpoons).
— 6 cardamom pods: broken open, just seeds (1 teaspoon, Ground).
— 10 whole cloves.
— 2 cinnamon sticks
— A “handful” of raisins and blanched, sliced almonds.
— Cook (not boil) 3 hour in CrockPot on low, covered.
— Strain base through a drip coffee filter.

To Serve:
— 1 part strained base.
— 1 part Burgundy (dry red wine).
— 1 part Port (sweet red wine).
— 1/10 part Vodka (or less).
— Heat (don’t boil).
— Pour Glögg over sugar to melt just prior to serving.
— Serve hot in a cup with a few raisins and blanched, sliced almonds.

To Store:
Base can be kept in a jar in the refrigerator.

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