Swedish Home made Almond Paste

Home made Almond Paste

Video Cooking Demonstration and Recipe for Home made Almond Paste made in the Thermochef. This versatile confectionary is used as an undercoat for Fondant in Cake Decorating to prevent the cake colour from bleeding into the Fondant. Its used in sweets, pastries, table decorations biscuits and cakes. Here we show you how to make it quickly and easily. In other videos we will show you how to use it in different recipes. You can buy this product ready made but we don’t like the artificial overpowering taste of Marzipan or Artificial Almond Essence. This sweet home made variety, we believe tastes much nicer than store bought and if you have almonds and sugar you can make it, very economically, in a few minutes. Some people shy away from formally decorated cakes because of a dislike for Almond Paste, we think our version enhances and positively adds to the cake tasting experience. We do hope you give it a try.


500 grams blanched almonds
500 grams icing sugar (confectioners sugar)
1 egg white
10 grams pure vanilla extract.



Blitz Almonds on speed 7 for 1 minute, scraping down sides frequently. Add sugar and continue to mix on speed 3 stopping every 15-30 seconds to unclump from the bottom, add vanilla extract egg white and mix until well blended. It will be a very stiff mix. Turn onto board and knead until smooth. Store in fridge and use as required.

Egg white is the traditional moistener. If you’re concerned about raw egg white, keep in mind that they are pasteurized. You can also use pasteurized egg whites in the carton if you prefer. If you absolutely must (though it’s discouraged), you can use a couple of tablespoons of corn syrup instead (again, not recommended).

Marzipan vs. Almond Paste: Almond paste is softer and is used in baked goods. Marzipan is firmer and is used in making candies/chocolates or as fondant for cakes. To adjust this recipe according to what you’re using it for, follow this recipe as instructed for almond paste , or add an extra ¼ cup or more of ground almonds/almond meal until you reach a firmer consistency (one that you can roll out with a rolling pin without it sticking).



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