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Malagasy Akoho sy Voanio

Akoho sy voanio

Akoho sy voanio (Chicken coconut stew from Madagascar cuisine).
(serves 4)



— One chicken
— One coconut
— Two tomatoes
— Two onions
— Two cloves of garlic
— 20 grams of ginger
— Oil, salt, pepper

Akoho sy voanio recipe

Cooking Instructions:

Sprinkle chicken with salt and pepper to taste. Slice the tomatoes into small cubes. Set aside.

Shred the coconut into a clean cloth. Fold the cloth around the shredded coconut.

Wet the cloth using a glass of warm water. Squeeze the cloth and the shredded coconut to extract coconut milk. Discard the shredded coconut.

If obtaining/shredding a fresh coconut is not possible, you may substitute a can of unsweetened coconut milk instead.

Add a small amount of oil to a frypan. Saute chicken until done over medium heat.

Add onions to the pan. Continue stirring over medium heat until the onions are brown.

Add ginger, tomatoes, and garlic to the pan. Saute together briefly over medium heat.

Add coconut milk. Mix well. Reduce heat.
Simmer over low heat for thirty minutes.
Serve with rice and salad. Enjoy!


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