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Rishtat Borma

Rishtat Borma


— ½ kg flour dry meat (ghideed) or oil
— 3 spoon dohn al ghedded
— water
— 1 cup hommos
— ½ cup Fool Yabis
— 1 spoon adas
— 2 spoon hilba
— 2 filfil
— 2 tomato
— ½ spoon filfil ahmar
— 1/4 spoon bzaar
— 4 chopped garlic
— ½ kosbor and krwiya-shibt
— 1 spoon dry habak
— onion



Flour, water and salt are mixed and leave for 10 min. Put alghiddedd and its dohn in a large pan, add the onion, hommos, fool, addas, hilba, tomato paste ,tomato, spices an fry for 5 minutes, then add 3 cups of water. Make the rushta by cutting flat dough into thin pieces ( like match sticks) and ad it to the above mixture. Finally add garlic, kosbor and krawiya. Keep stir from time to time.

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