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Dwara and Masareen
1 shibt
Kabda and heart (meet (habra))
2 spoon of tomato paste
4 green onion
1 cup of rice
3 selantro (maadanous)
1 spoon of salt
1 spoon red chilli
1 spoon black pepper
1 spoon bzaar
1 spoon hrarat
½ cup of oil
1 spoon mint (na’naa)


Directions for Osban:

Clean the dwarra and masareen with hot water and put them in a large bowl. Marinate them with lemon juice, salt and leave it for an hour. Wash them again to remove salt and the lemon residues. Cut the vegetables and the meat (habra and kabda) into small pieces. Mix the vegetables, meat and the balance of ingredients in a large bowl. Stuff the masareen and pieces of karsha. Put 4 cups of water, tomato and spices in a pan and boil it. Put the stuffed of masareen and karsha in the frying pan and heat it up until its ready.

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