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Khalyat Al Lahm

Khalyat Al Lahm

Khalyat al Lahm is a tasty lamb dish, extremely popular in Libya. This traditional appetizer is delicious and quite easy to prepare. In order to cook Khalyat al Lahm one needs only four ingredients, and namely: lamb meat, butter, salt and chili pepper. The lamb meat is cut into small pieces and cooked on low heat until dry of all juice. Butter and other spices are consequently added.

Khalyat al Lahm is usually served as an appetizer, being accompanied by a bell pepper salad.



— 1kg lamb meat
— 3 spoon butter
— 1/4 spoon salt
— 1 spoon chilli pepper


Slice the meat into small pieces. Put the meat in a pan under low heat and leave the meat until its turn dry. Add butter and spices and leave it cooked.

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