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Yum Kai Tom Recipe

Yum Kai Tom Recipe


Special Laotian chicken dish in fish sauce…


— 1 chicken, plucked-split open its underside and pull out the intestines; remove and cut open the gizzard, and strip it of its lining; wash the chicken and the gizzard thoroughly, and put them with some salt and (peeled) shallots in a pot, with water to cover the chicken (but no more), and boil until the chicken is tender.

— 1 young cucumber, peeled and quartered lengthways-then cut the pieces into slices of suitable size.

— 2 large, ripe tomatoes, dipped in hot water (for a minute), peeled, halved and sliced lengthways, discarding the centre part and the seeds.

— 2 straight-bulbed spring onions, chopped-both the bulbs and the leaves.

— 2 large fresh red chilli peppers, cut across into halves, sliced lengthways, cored and soaked in water.

— 5 (small) shallots.
— 2 (small) heads of garlic
These two ingredients above are to be almost, not completely, cooked by placing them in the embers of a charcoal fire, and then (peeled and) sliced across.

— 3 sprigs of coriander, chopped.
— salt, fish sauce and ground black pepper.
— a lime.

Yum Kai Tom

Recipe Directions
Take the boiled chicken out of its pot and transfer it to a large bowl. Tear off the breasts and legs and remove all the meat from the carcase. Break the legs and the wings at their joints. Tear the breasts into suitable large pieces, and do the same with the legs and the wings.

Then add the sliced or chopped ingredients (kheuang soi), except for the spring onions and coriander, to the bowl (of chicken). Sprinkle them with salt and add some of the chicken broth, just enough to keep the mixture moist.

Then sprinkle it with fish sauce (and the juice of the lime). Mix thoroughly, taste, and check the saltiness. Sprinkle ground black pepper and the chopped spring onion leaves on top, arrange on a platter and garnish with the chopped coriander.



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