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Pony-Tail Kimchi

Pony-Tail Kimchi

Korean pony-tail radishes and aromatic vegetables such as Indian mustard leaves and green thread onions are richly blended with a paste of red pepper powder and pickled anchovy juice. This peppery preparation is a hearty delight for spicy food lovers.



Korean Pony-tail radishes, 3 bunches
Indian mustard leaves, 1/2 bundle
Green thread onions, 1/2 bundle
Green onions, 3; cut into diagonal pieces
Garlic bulbs, 2 } Peeled and
Ginger roots, 2 (small) } chushed
Pickled anchovies; 1 cup
Pickled baby shrimp, 1/2 cup; chopped
Red pepper powder, 2 cups
Rice flour or all-purpose flour paste, 1 cup
Coarse salt, 2 cups Table salt Sugar


Selecting the radishes. Buy Korean pony-tail radishes with firm roots and fresh green leaves.


Trim and wash the radishes, cleaning the roots with a soft sponge. Drain well and soak in a brine prepared with 2 cups of salt and about 3 quarts of water; allow to stand for 2 to 3 hours or until softend. Trim and wash the Indian mustard leaves and green thread onions; soak them in the brine until softened along with the radishes. Rinse the Vegetables and drain.
Boil the pickled anchovies with a little water and cool; filter the mixture in a strainer lined with filter paper or cheesecloth, to prevent the dark-colored fish bits from getting into the kimchi souse. Save the juice.
Mix the red pepper powder with the anchovy juice and rice flour paste.
Add the green onions, garlic, ginger, and pickled baby shrimp to the red pepper mixture. Mix them thoroughly.
Combine the salted vegetables — the radishes, green thread onions, and Indian mustard leaves. Mix them with the spice mixture and season with salt and sugar to taste.
Fold the radish stems and tie with strings of the Indian mustard leaves or green thread onions. Put the bundled-up radishes in a crock and press down lightly.


This pony-tail kimchi is so named because the bundled-up small radishes resemble a pony-tail. The kimhi will be ready in about 2 to 3 days when left out at room temperature, around 70F (20 C)
Fully fermented pickled anchovies–with bones softened and a slightly dark reddish color–are preferred in this kimchi preparation.
If pickled fish is not available, just season with salt.

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