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Kkakdugi Recipe (Diced Radish Kimchi)


Kkakdugi is a variety of kimchi in Korean cuisine. Usually, it has all the ingredients of kimchi, but the baechu used for kimchi is replaced with Korean white radish (called mu, 무 in Korean). Kkakdugi is a popular banchan (side dish) enjoyed by Koreans and others.

The origin of kkakdugi is mentioned in a cookbook, named Joseon yorihak (literally “Korean Gastronomy”) written by Hong Seon-pyo in 1940. According to the book, kkakdugi was created by Princess Sukseon, a daughter of King Jeongjo (r. 1776-1800) and the wife of Hong Hyeon-ju, a high-ranking government officer titled as Yeongmyeongwi.


When a matter for congratulation happened to the royal court, members of the royal family gathered to have a feast, and the princess presented a new dish made with diced radish to the king. He highly praised it and asked her about the dish’s name. She replied that the dish did not have a name because she had accidentally made it, but found that it tasted good, so she brought in the new dish to the court.

The king replied that the dish would be named kkakdugi, because cutting food into cubes is called ggakduk sseolgi in Korean. At that time, kkakdugi was called gakdokgi and then became spread over commoners.

Kkakdugi Recipe

Kkakdugi Recipe Ingredients:
— 1.5kg (1½ ea) radish.
— 18g(1½ tbsp) salt.
— 6g (½ tbsp) sugar.
— seasonings: 42g (6 tbsp).
— ground red pepper,
— 60g salted shrimps,
— 24g (1½ tbsp) minced garlic,
— 8g (¾ tbsp) minced ginger,
— 100g small green onion,
— 100g watercress,
— 6g (½ tbsp)
— salt.


Kkakdugi Recipe Preparation:

1. Trim and wash the radish, peel the skin and cut it into 2.5cm-wide/long/thick dice.

2. Add salt and sugar to the diced radish, marinate it for 1 hour and drain water for 10 min. (1.3kg).

3. Trim and wash small green onion and watercress, cut them into 3cm-long  (small green onion 80g, watercress 70g).

4. Mince salted shrimps finely.

Kkakdugi Recipe Directions:

1. Add ground red pepper to the marinated radish, mix it evenly until colored in red, add salted shrimps, garlic and ginger, mix them together thoroughly. Add small green onion and watercress, mix them softly, season with salt.

2. Put them into a jar and press down.

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