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Salad Nicoise

This recipe is a quick, tasty lunch that I often make for myself. It’s also a lot cheaper and healthier than fast food for lunch. It’s in the style of a salad Nicoise. I slowly evolved it from plain macaroni and tuna.



3/4 cup raw elbow macaroni
1 can tuna in water (6.5 oz)
5 med (or 3 lrg) green olives (without pits, maybe with pimiento)
1 stalk of green onion, finely chopped (1-2 Tbsp)
1 sml clove of garlic, minced (about 1/2 tsp)
1 Tbsp olive oil
1 Tbsp white wine vinegar
1/8 tsp ground oregano
pepper to taste

With a drink, makes one complete lunch.

Game Plan:

Start the macaroni. While it is cooking, drain the tuna, dump it onto a cutting board, and chop it coarsely with parallel strokes. Finely chop the olives and the green onion and mince the garlic. When the macaroni is done, drain it and mix all ingredients together.

Notes on rapid preparation:

The usual advice for macaroni is to first boil the water and then cook the macaroni eight minutes. But I usually throw the macaroni into cold water, start heating, turn down the heat and stir when it boils, and
drain it when the macaroni has expanded but isn’t floppy. There is a knack to cooking pasta al dente which I haven’t completely mastered.

I find that the easiest way to drain the tuna is to separate the lid from the can and then press on the lid with the can tipped sideways. I usually chop the olives and the green onion by first slicing them and then hacking them to pieces.

Another option for chopping things is to process them briefly in a food processor, either at low speed or with a few pulses. But don’t overdo it! If you’re not careful, you will have teeny weeny slivers with a boring texture.

The easiest way to mince the garlic is to use a garlic press. Otherwise, grate it, chop it very finely, or use a food processor. SHARE With Your Friends:

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