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Prune Torte

Prune Torte

Yield: 8 servings

— 2 c .
— 1 1/4 c Butter or margarine.
— 1 tb Vinegar.
— 1/2 c Water.


— 1 c Milk.
— 1/2 ts Vanilla.
— 1 Egg yolk.
— 1 tb Sugar.
— 2 tb Flour.
— 1/2 lb Prunes.
— 1 c Whipping cream (up to 2 c).
— Confectioner’s sugar.
— Beaten egg.

Prune Torte


Soak prunes overnight in cold water, barely to cover. Cook in same water until soft. Remove pits (if any) and mash. Cool and add sugar to taste.

Pastry: Cream butter. Sift flour and add 1/2 of creamed butter. Mix as for pastry. Mix vinegar and water and add, a little at a time, to the flour and butter mixture, blending in with knives or a pastry blender. Knead until smooth. Cover bowl with cloth and let stand at cool room temperature while making filling.

Cream filling: Beat egg yolk with sugar. Add flour. Heat milk and add very slowly to egg, sugar and flour mixture. Stirring constantly, allow to come to a boil and cook until thickened. Add vanilla. Cool.

Roll out pastry on a floured board into a large oblong shape. Spread oe third of remaining butter on middle half of pastry. Fold both end quarters toward center. Fold again like an envelope.

Cover with cloth and let rest on floured board for a few minutes. Repeat this process two more times, using remaining butter. If butter becomes too soft, put in a cool place for a short time. Roll out and cut into three circles of the same size, using plate or round pan for pattern. Place one circle on a baking pan. Brush with beaten egg. Roll out remaining dough and cut into strips with a knife or fluted pastry cutter. The strips will be used as a lattice-work decoration on top of the torte. Bake rounds and strips in a moderately hot oven (400F) until golden brown. Cool. Place torte shell on a serving plate. Fill center with cream filling. Around filling spread mashed prunes on top. Decorate top with sweetened whipped cream and spread around sides.

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