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Eel Stew Recipe

Eel Stew Recipe


(Serves 6)


— 2 eels (3 1/3 pounds)
— 6 ounces butter
— ½ cup oil
— 2 lemons juice
— 1 table spoon brandy
— 1 bottle “côtes-du-Rhône”
— 9 ounces small mushroom
— 3 onions
— 24 small onions
— 3 shallots
— 1 bouquet garni
— 1 big glove of garlic (crushed)
— 1 table spoon sugar


Skin, gut, wash and cut the eels into sections. Put these pieces in a terrine and soak 2 hours in lemon juice.
Peel and wash the mushrooms. Peel the shallots and the onions. Chop separately the shallots and the big onions.

Steam the onion and 2 ounces butter. Add the drained and dried pieces of eels. Add garlic and shallots. Brown lightly in a large frying pan.

Warm softly the wine with the bouquet garni in a pan.

Baste the eels with the brandy and flame. Add the boiling wine. Salt and pepper. Cover and cook ½ hour.

Put the small onions, 1 ounce butter and sugar in a pan and cover with water. Cook until complete evaporation.

Cook slowly the mushrooms with an ounce of butter and lemon juice..

Drain the eels and keep them warm. Reduce (2/3) the cooking juice and filter it in a conical strainer. Thicken with butter and flour. Add 2 ounces butter. Whip. Add the mushrooms, the frosted onions. Pour this sauce on the eels.

Eel Stew Recipe

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