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Finlandia Pasties

Finlandia Pasties


4 cups flour, dash salt, 1 ½ cups solid vegetable shortening 1 cup cold water



½ lb ground beef ½ lb ground pork ¼ cup beef suet finely chopped
1 large potato peeled and cut into 3/8 in. cubes. 2 carrots peeled cut into
3/8 inch cubes 1 small red onion finely diced, ½ rutabaga or turnip peeled and
cut into 3/8 inch cubes. 1/8 cup fresh parsley finely chopped
May 18, 1968 Chicago Tribune Lunch Crunches with Tuna Cheese Pasties

Combine flour and a dash of salt. Cut in shortening until mixture resembles coarse meal. Slowly add water until mixture forms a sticky ball. With floured hands, shape into ball, wrap with wax paper, and put in refrigerator one hour before preparing filling.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Combine all remaining ingredients in large bowl, using hands to mix until thoroughly combined, like meat loaf.

Divide dough into four equal parts. Using a rolling pin on a floured board, roll each into an 8-inch to 10-inch circle. Place 1 cup of filling in center of circle. Fold both sides up and crimp firmly, forming a half-moon shape.

Use a large spatula to lift each pasty from floured board, and set it on a greased cookie sheet.

Bake 75 minutes, until brown remove to wire rack. Serve on plates, with gravy on the side if desired.

Yield: 4 meal size pasties.

finlandia pasties

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