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Ris a l’amande

Ris a l’amande Recipe

Ris a l’amande is a tradional Danish dessert, served mostly at Christmas. When served with the traditional Danish christmas dinner, one whole almond is placed in the pudding. The diner who finds the almond will get an extra gift. This usually helps on the number of second helpings.



— One cup (65 grams) of rice (short grain “perl rice” are best).
— Two cups (1/2 liter) of milk.
— 1 teaspoon vanilla extract.
— One small cup (50 grams) chopped almonds.
— 2-3 tablespoon sugar.
— 1-2 tablespoon madeira or sherry (optional).
— Two small cups (0.4 liter) whipping cream.

Ris a l’amande

Recipe Directions
Smear the bottom of a pot with butter, then heat the milk to almost boiling. Add the rice gradually while stirring. Turn the heat down, cover with a lid and let the rice simmer for about 50 minutes.

Let this porridge cool, then add almonds, sugar, vanilla and wine. Whip the cream and add it gently.

Serve with warm or cool cherry sauce.

Note: Americans tend to like their desert sweeter than Danes, so you may want add extra sugar, if you want.

Ris a l'amande

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