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Fish In Cream Sauce


Fish In Cream Sauce

This one is simple and fast, requires a little preparation and tastes wonderfull.


Fish In Cream Sauce Ingredients:

— 3/4 kilogram (1½ lb.) of lean fish fillet without bones. Cod or similar white fish is best, but trout can do.
— A couple of leeks or one or two bundles of spring onions.
— 2-3 cups of cream.
— Mustard (strong French Dijon is best).
— Capers (pickled berries of the caper bush).
— Lemon.
— Salt, pepper, nutmeg
— Oil

Fish In Cream Sauce Recipe

Fish In Cream Sauce Directions:

– Cut the fish into regular serving size and remove all bones.
– Chop the leeks or onions.
– Sauter (fry while stirring, giving no color, just softning) in oil on a deep frying pan for a couple of minutes.
– Add a tespoon salt and a bit of pepper.
– Add the cream and boil for a while (5-10 minutes) till it starts thickening.
– Add two tablespoons of mustard.
– Add the pickled capers 3-4 tablespoons.
– Stir and let boil for a minute.
– Put the fish carefully on top.
– Put salt, lemon juice and ground nutmeg over the fish.
– Let boil under a lid until done, which is approx. 10 minutes for most lean fish.
– Shake the pan a bit from time to time. Don’t stir!
– Serve with white rice and lemon slices.

You can start boiling water for the rice at the same time that you start frying the vegetables. Giving the rice approx. 20 minutes to finish will syncronize things almost perfectly.

Fish In Cream Sauce You can vary the strength of this dish a bit by using more or less mustard and capers. You might also want to add different supplementary vegetables. Carrots, mushrooms etc… Fish In Cream Sauce SHARE With Your Friends:

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