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Drstkova Polevka (Tripe Soup)

Drstkova Polevka (Tripe Soup)

It could be served as a soup – it could be also served as a meal.



1 lb. tripe
5 oz. smoked meat
4 tablespoon flour
1 carrot
1 clove garlic
celery root
pinch pepper
pinch marjoram
pinch ginger
salt – butter


Wash tripe well in cold water, cook 1/2 hour, wash again. In fresh cold water add salt, roots, carrot, parsley and celery cut in circles. Ad smoked meat and tripe, cook until tender. Cut up tripe in small noodles and cut meat in small pieces. Make very light browned flour with a piece of butter and 4 tablespoons of flour. Put soup into browned flour, ad mashed garlic, pepper, marjoram, chopped parsley, ginger. Cook well. Add tripe and meat. Serve.

Drstkova Polevka
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