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Scottish Salt Herring and Tatties

Salt Herring and Tatties

This is a very traditional Highland and West Island meal.

Get some air freshner, incense or other odor masking product if you don’t like the smell of fish.


Take 2 good size salted herring per person.

Placce the fish in a pan and cover with cold water. Leave it for a while to allow some of the salt to melt out. (milk speeds this process up also)

In a pan place the fish, cover with cold water and slowly bring it to a boil. (beside the fish boil a kettle of water for the second watering.)

After 5 minutes pour off the first water out of the pan and pour on the second.

Let the fish boil for a few minutes more and serve. Careful not to break the fish too much when lifting it.

Place a lot of Tatties in a big pot (skins on) add a wee bit salt) bring to a boil.

Put tatties in a bowl or leave in the pot, and serve.

Make sure you have gallons of water, milk or beer. (a wee drop of whisky never hurts either) Your guests will be very thirsty for quite a while. To eat the fish, place it on its side.

Cut from the fin line up and over the fish to expose the bones, then just turn and eat the other side. Fingers are great tools for eating the Saltucks.

Salt Herring and Tatties

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