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Dark and Stormy Drink

Dark and Stormy Drink Recipe

Popular within the sailing community, the dark and stormy is also the national drink of Bermuda. The simple mixture of dark rum and ginger beer makes for a great cocktail in any weather.
Any Bermudian who partakes should know this recipe. Bermuda’s national drink!

It only takes two ingredients—dark rum and ginger beer—to create this easy-drinking, refreshing classic cocktail from Bermuda. You’ll need rum, ginger beer, and lime juice.


Ingredients for Dark and Stormy Drink

  • 2 ounces rum — dark rum
  • 3 ounces ginger beer
  • 1/2 ounce lime juice
  • Collins glass

Instructions for Dark and Stormy Drink Recipe:

Combine the rum,* the ginger beer,** and the lime juice, which is optional, in a tall glass full of ice cubes. Stir. The key here is nailing the precise ratio between the spice of the ginger beer and the richness of the rum. Depending on brands of each used, you may want to play around with the proportions.

What to buy: A Bermudan classic, a real Dark and Stormy should be made only with Gosling’s Black Seal rum. If you can’t find it, substitute another dark rum such as Myers’s, but don’t let your Bermudan friends know you’re using Jamaican rum!

If you’ve made your own Ginger Beer (and we think you should), use it here. Otherwise, look for a ginger beer that suits your taste. We prefer those with a nice note of sweet and a good kick of ginger, like Barritt’s.

* Bermuda’s own Gosling’s Black Seal is of course the preferred brand, but anything dark and funky will work.

** If you can find Barritt’s, it’s from Bermuda. If not, anything will work as long as it’s ginger beer and not ginger ale.

Remember: Combine rum and ginger beer in an old-fashioned glass. Add ice and stir.


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