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Cassava Pie

Cassava Pie

Cassava Pie Ingredients:

— 4 lbs cassava
— 3/4 lbs soft butter
— 2 cups sugar
— 1 Tbsp salt
— 12 eggs, beaten
— 1 tsp nutmeg (optional)
— 1 tsp vanilla (optional)


Cassava Pie Recipe

Cassava Pie Instructions:

Place the cassava in a dish towel and squeeze out all the liquid. Place cassava in a bowl. Cream butter and sugar in a larger bowl; add beaten eggs, then the cassava. Mix well.


Simmer until cooked four to five pounds of chicken with two teaspoons of salt, a sprig of thyme and a few stalks of celery. When cooked, cool the chicken and cut meat into small pieces, discarding the bones and skin. Reserve the broth. You may prefer to use three pounds of cooked chicken and one pound of cooked, cubed, lean pork.

Generously grease a deep pan about 11x9x4 with shortening (like Crisco). Do not use butter or oil sprays. This will cause the pie to brown too quickly. Place half of the batter in the pan, building it up on the sides. Place meat filling in the pie. Moist en this with about 3/4 cup broth poured evenly over it. Cover with remaining cassava mixture and smooth down making a design with a knife.

Bake at 300 F for about three hours. If you notice the pie is shrinking from the sides of the pan before the three hours are up, then the pie is cooked. Remove the pie from the oven and cool, covered with a damp dish towel and foil. This will keep the cr ust from becoming hard.

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