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Fish Do-peAjA


Fish Do-peAjA Recipe

Do-peAjA Ingredients:


— 1 cup Fish (preferably small, cut into small pieces – Works great with shrimp too)
— 1/2 cup Sliced onions
— 1 tspChilli powder/paste (red)
— 1 tsp Turmeric powder/paste
— 2 tbsp Onion paste
— 1/8 tsp Ginger paste
— 1/4 tsp Pepper paste
— 1/4 tsp Shredded dhania leaves (cilantro)
–2 tbsp Onion leaves
— 1/3 cup Oil
— 1 tsp Salt
— 2 medium Tomato (tomatoe for republicans – this is optional)

Fish Do-peAjA

Recipe Directions:

Works best with small fish. Out here in the land of non- Bangladeshi fish, try shrimp or any fresh-water fish cut into very small pieces.

After heating the oil add all the powder/paste spices and fry for a couple of minutes. You might add a little bit of water if you are using powders only.

Make sure you don’t burn the spices (Include the onion pastes).
Add the shredded onions and the fish. Add 1/2 cup of water and the salt. Cover the dish and medium-hi heat.

When the water has almost evaporated, add tomatoes, cilantero, and the onion leaves. Heat under low-medium heat till the oil starts to float.


Shad is almost (but not quite) the equivalent of the Hilsa fish. You might try blue-fish, porgies (works great for the do-peAjA), rainbow trout, mackerel.

NY has plenty of stores which sell fish imported from Bangladesh. They are sold in frozen blocks. The fish are singularly fresh. You can get (anyone know the English equivalents of the following fish) kechki (tiny fish), papda, rui, pangash, ilish and a whole host of fish which is now making me homesick.

Carp is great for Korma. For health reasons (carp being a scavenger fish), chain grocery stores don’t sell carps. But it’s quite available in most oriental grocery stores. BTW, carp is the US counterpart of our Rui. You can also try buffalo which resembles Katla.

Among the fishes available in a typical grocery store, catfish is best suited for Do-peAjA.

Fish Do-peAjA
Bangladeshi Do-peAjA Fish Recipe

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