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Egg Haloa

Egg Haloa

The final product is a grainy substance (the smaller the grains, the better.) with golden yellow color. This dish is usually served as a dessert in Bangladesh. It is very easy to prepare and very tasty.

Ingredients for Egg Haloa:

— Three eggs
— One liter of full cream milk
— Eight table spoon full of sugar (or adjust to suit your taste)
— Twenty five grams of butter
— One leaf of bay leaf
— Pinch of powdered cinnamon
— Blanched, finely chopped almond (optional)


Cooking Instructions for Egg Haloa:

Pour milk in a saucepan and add half of the sugar and the bay leaf. Boil to nearly half its volume with occasional stirring to prevent the skin being formed. Allow to cool down.
Beat the eggs in a large bowl, adding the remaining sugar in three steps. Add this and the pinch of Cinnamon to the milk and mix thoroughly.
Cook, uncovered in a thick bottomed pan over medium heat until turns golden yellow. ALWAYS stir to prevent sticking and forming large chunks. Stirring is VERY important for good taste and small grains. The more you stir the smaller the grains. Add butter and go on stirring until the liquid portion is almost dried up, but be carefull not to overdry.
Pour the haloa in a glass bowl and decorate with chopped almonds if you like. Serve when cools down.

egg haloa

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