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Yarpag Dolmasy Recipe

Yarpag Dolmasy Recipe

Yarpag Dolmasy Ingredients:
— Mutton – 180 gr.
— rice – 30 gr.
— onion – 20 gr.
— herbs (coriander, dill and mint) – 15 gr.
— leaves of grape – 40 gr.
— sour clotted milk – 20 gr.
— melted butter – 10 gr.
— salt
— pepper
— cinnamon

Yarpag Dolmasy Recipe Directions

Mince soft part of mutton together with onion. Add rice, finely chopped herbs (coriander, dill and mint), salt, pepper, and, in some cases, soaked peas in the forcemeat. Scald fresh leaves of grape in hot water and cook pickled leaves of grape in hot water bring to half-ready condition. Carefully mix the forcemeat. Wrap up in average 25 gr. of forcemeat with a leaf of grape and put in a pot, pour over water and cook till ready(one hour). Put sour clotted milk in a separate bowl, when serving.


Names and etymology:

Dolma, Ottoman Turkish is a verbal noun of the Turkish verb ‘dolmak’, ‘to be stuffed’, and means ‘stuffed (thing)’. Dolma is a stuffed vegetable, that is, a vegetable that is hollowed out and filled with stuffing. This applies to zucchini, tomato, pepper, eggplant, and the like; stuffed mackerel, squid, and mussel are also called dolma.

Dishes involving wrapping leaves such as vine leaves or cabbage leaves around a filling are called ‘sarma’, though in many languages the distinction is usually not made.

Dolma without meat is sometimes called ‘yalancı dolma’, ‘fake dolma’ in Turkish.

Yarpag Dolmasy

In some countries, the usual name for the dish is a borrowing of dolma, e.g. Armenian տոլմա [tolˈmɑ] or դոլմա [dolˈmɑ], or of yaprak (Turkish ‘leaf’), in others it is a calque, and sometimes the two coexist with distinct meanings: Albanian: japrak; Greek: ντολμάς dolmas (for the leaf-wrapped kind) and γεμιστά yemista ‘stuffed’; In Aleppo, the word yabraq refers to stuffed vine leaves, while maḥshī refers to stuffed cabbage leaves and stuffed vegetables.

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