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Shuyud Pilaf Recipe

Shuyud Pilaf Recipe

Shuyud plov – Dill pilaf – Dill Rice

Azeri cuisine has a rich variety of rice dishes. Dill pilaf (rice) is a light, fragrant rice dish, ideal in summer.


It can be served on its own or with fish, eggs or meat. The basic cooking method for rice is to parboil it and then steam it. Azerbaijani rice should never be sticky.

Qazmaq, a crust made at the bottom of the pan, when the rice is steamed, is highly prized and is served in pieces with the rice or on a separate plate.

Preparation time: 30 min
Cooking time: 35 min
Serves: 4-5

— Rice – 150gr.
— Melted butter – 50gr.
— Eggs – 2.
— Milk – 30gr.
— Dill – 60gr.
— Saffron – 0.1gr.
— Salt.

Shuyud Pilaf Recipe


Make separate pilaf from rice and stew having mixed rice with finely chopped dill. Beat eggs in milk and cook omelette; cut it into baklava forms. Serve pilaf on a plate and put on top of it pieces of omelette and pour over melted butter. Omelette may be replaced by boiled mutton.


Shuyud Pilaf

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