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Sheki Pakhlavasi

Sheki Pakhlavasi Recipe

Pakhlava or paxlava…

Shaki is the name of a region in Azerbaijan, famous with pakhlava and halva. Pakhlava or paxlava (from “Baklava” in Turkey language) is a traditional dessert with sherbet, well known in Middle East.


Sheki Pakhlavasi Ingredients
— rice flour – 280 gr.
— sugar – 420 gr.
— kernel of a hazelnut – 140 gr.
— citric acid – 1 gr.
— seeds of coriander – 2 gr.
— cardamom – 0.5 gr.
— saffron – 0.2 gr.

Sheki Pakhlavasi Recipe


For Sheki Pakhlavasi, make liquid dough adding the rice flour into 120ml of water.

Cook grid-shaped rishta by pouring the dough through a special funnel with 11 holes into a big heated pot. Grind the kernel of a hazelnut and mix with ground seeds of coriander and cardamom.

Butter a round copper tray, put 8 rishtas on each other and put stuffing on them. Then put other 5 rishtas and shape into a round form.

Make square patterns on the baklava using the saffron infusion; bake each side over charcoal in a brazier for 15-20 minutes.

Sheki Pakhlavasi is soaked with hot sherbet made from sugar, citric acid and 100 ml water. Leave baklava for 8-10 hours so that the sherbet is soaked in.

Sheki Pakhlavasi

Sheki Pakhlavasi Recipe

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