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Piti Recipe

Piti Recipe

Piti is a soup in cuisines of Caucasus and Central Asia. Specially in Azerbaijan… Piti prepared in the oven in individual crocks with a glazed interior (called piti in Turkic languages).



Piti is made with mutton and vegetables (tomatoes, potatoes, chickpeas), infused with saffron water to add flavour and colour, and cooked in a sealed crock.

Piti is served in the crock, usually accompanied by an additional plate for “disassembling” the meat and the liquid part with vegetables, which may be eaten separately as the first (soup with vegs) and second (meat) course meal.

Piti is particularly popular in Azerbaijan, Iran (where it is mostly called Dizi or Abgusht), Tajikistan, and Armenia (where it is called putuk from the Armenian word for crock).

Piti Recipe

Piti Ingredients:

Amount of the raw products is as for kufta-bozbash.

In summer, saffron is replaced by 50 gr. tomato.

Piti Recipe Directions:

Take two or three 55-60 gram pieces of mutton for each portion of piti. Soak peas in cold water for 4-5 hours.

Put meat and peas in a piti pot and little by little cook on low heat. 30 minutes before the dish is ready add potato, roughly chopped onion, cherry plum, salt and saffron infusion and cook to readiness.

Piti Recipe Piti is served, a s rule, in a pot it was cooked in. Put besides a deep empty plate or a bowl, sumac and skinned onion.


Piti Recipe

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