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Lyulya – Kebab Recipe

Lyulya – Kebab Recipe


— Mutton – 330 gr.
— fat of a sheep’s tail – 20 gr.
— onion – 20 gr.
— spring onion – 40 gr.
— parsley and basil – 15gr.
— wheat flour – 45 gr.
— sumac – 3 gr.
— salt.
— pepper.


Lyulya – Kebab

Recipe Directions:

Mince soft part of mutton together with onion, pepper, salt and mix carefully. Leave minced meat in a fridge for 20 minutes.

Shape minced meat oblong on flat spits. Roast lyulakebab on red- charcoal in a brazier.

When serving, wrap up the lyulakebab in lavash. In order to make lavash, spread 1 mm thick yeast-free dough and fry each side on a frying pan without oil.

When serving, put besides lyulakebab onion cut into coils, sumac, or tomato roasted on spit.



Lyulya - Kebab

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