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Lobya – Chilov Pilaf

Lobya – Chilov Pilaf

Recipe Ingredients:

— Mutton – 221gr.
— melted butter – 50gr.
— white beans – 50gr.
— rice – 100gr.
— seedless raisin – 40gr.
— onion – 40gr.
— saffron– 0.1gr.
— cinnamon – 0.2gr.
— pepper – 0.1gr.
— salt.


Lobya – Chilov Pilaf Recipe


Take 2-3 pieces for each portion, salt, pepper and brown with chopped onion, add in saffron infusion and broth and cook to readiness.

Cook beans and rice separately, rinse them and brew. Cook raisins separately in butter.

Serve rice and beans in a plate, put on raisins, crust, pour in melted butter and sprinkle with cinnamon. Serve meat separately.

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