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Kyukyu from herbs recipe

Kyukyu from herbs recipe

Ingredients for Kyukyu:

— Eggs – 2
— spring onion – 25 gr.
— coriander – 15 gr.
— dill – 10 gr.
— spinach – 30 gr.
— melted butter – 30 gr.
— pepper
— salt


Kyukyu from herbs recipe

Kyukyu Directions:

Wash coriander, dill, spinach and spring onion, chop them finely, add salt and eggs and beat carefully.

Kyukyu may also be added crumbled white bread or a little bit of wheat.

Melt butter in a frying pan and add eggs beaten up with herbs, even and cover with lid. After the eggs have become firm, cut kyukyu into two or four parts and fry.

Pour over melted butter and serve with sour clotted milk.

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Kyukyu Kyukyu from herbs recipe

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