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Kutum Lavangi Recipe

Kutum Lavangi Recipe

Kutum Lavangi Recipe Ingredients:

— Fresh omul – 253 gr.
— kernel of a nut – 50 gr.
— onion– 30 gr.
— melted butter – 10 gr.
— stoned cornel – 25 gr.
— seedless raisins – 50 gr.
— salt


Kutum Lavangi Recipe

Kutum Lavangi Recipe Directions:

Clean the whole fish, remove the entrails and wash.

Fry chopped onion in butter, add grinded nut, finely chopped soaked stoned cornel and seedless raisins and prepare a mix.

Kutum Lavangi

Salt the fish, stuff it with the prepared mix and tie with thread, then put in an oven and cook. Serve the fish with slices cut breadthways.

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