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Kufta Bozbash Recipe

Kufta Bozbash Recipe

Kufta bozbash is a famous soup of Azerbaijan cuisine. Kufta bozbash made with peas and meatballs. Each bozbash meatball generally contains a sour fruit inside, like sour prunes or cherry-plums are used for this.

To make this soup, the peas are boiled in the broth made with bones. The meatballs are made from minced lamb or mutton with onion, rice, salt and spices. They are added to the broth. Also potatoes and finely chopped onion are added too. Tiny cut fat of tail, salt, pepper and saffron infusion is added to the soup when it is almost done.


Kufta bozbash is garnished with different and many greens and is served hot.

Kufta Bozbash Recipe

Kufta Bozbash Ingredients:

— Mutton – 163 gr.
— fat of a sheep’s tail – 20 gr.
— rice – 15 gr.
— fresh cherry plum – 30 gr.
— peas – 25 gr.
— potato – 150 gr.
— onion – 18 gr.
— saffron– 18 gr.– 0.1 gr.
— dried mint – 0.1 gr.
— pepper
— salt

Kufta Bozbash Directions:

In order to cook kufta bozbash, cook broth from the bones. Put the soft part of mutton together with onion through a mincing machine. Add rice, pepper and salt into the forcemeat and mix thoroughly. Put 2-3 washed cherry-plums in each meatball (kufta). After cooking peas in the broth, put the kuftas in the broth and cook. Add also potato and finely chopped and browned onion. 10-15 minutes before the dish is ready, add in salt, pepper and saffron infusion and bring to readiness. When serving, sprinkle with coriander or dried mint.


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