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Kalla-pacha (Khash)

Kalla-pacha (Khash) Recipe


— Head of a sheep – (kalla) 214 gr.
— legs of a sheep – (pacha) 179 gr.
— paunch – 47 gr.
— garlic – 5 gr.
— vinegar – 10 gr.
— salt.


Kalla-pacha – Khash Recipe

Recipe Directions:

Head, legs and paunch of a sheep after the first processing and being washed are boiled in water. Remove the generated scum.

After they are completely cooked (during 6-7 hours), remove the meat with skimmer and separate from big bones, cut into 40-50 gram pieces and cook again in the broth.

Serve with vinegar mixed with chopped garlic.


Kelle (in Turkiye Turkish): Head of animals.
Paça (in Turkiye Turkish): The feet of the animals, below the knees of pants.



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