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Govurma – Bozbash Recipe

Govurma – Bozbash

Lamb or mutton broths and stews are very popular in Azerbaijan.
The traditional ingredients of saffron, fresh or dried alcha (a plum similar to a greengage but less sweet) and chestnuts give this broth a distinctly Azerbaijani flavour.



— Mutton – 163 gr.
— fat of a sheep’s tail – 20 gr.
— onion – 72 gr.
— potato – 100 gr.
— chestnut – 30 gr.
— fresh cherry plum – 20 gr.
– — or dried cherry plum – 10 gr.
— coriander – 10 gr.
— saffron – 0.1 gr.
— pepper.
— salt.

Preparation time: 40-45 min
Cooking time: 45 min
Serves: 3-4

Govurma – Bozbash Recipe


Cut the mutton into 30-35 gram pieces, salt and pepper and brown in butter together with chopped onion. Add broth and cook.

30 minutes before the dish is ready, add potato, skinned chestnut, cherry plum and cook. When serving, add saffron infusion and herbs.

In summer, 50 grams of tomato may be added instead of saffron and cherry plum.



Govurma - Bozbash

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