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Dushbara Recipe

Dushbara Recipe

Dushbara (Azerbaijani: Düşbərə) is a traditional Azerbaijani meal. It is a sort of dumplings of dough filled with ground meat and condiments. Dushbara is also spelled as Düşbere. Typical ingredients include: flour, ground beef, onions, herbs, salt, black pepper and tomatoes.



Very similar dishes with cognate names are found in Central Asian cuisines. These are chuchvara in Uzbek cuisine and tushbera in Tajik cuisine.

Dushbara Ingredients:

— Mutton – 108 gr.
— wheat flour – 4- gr.
— egg– ¼, onion – 18 gr.
— vinegar – 10 gr.
— coriander – 15 gr.
— dried mint – 10 gr.
— pepper
— salt

Dushbara Recipe

Dushbara Recipe Directions:

In order to prepare dushbara, cook broth from bones, prepare forcemeat from the soft part of mutton adding onion and species.

Hard dough made without leaven is rolled out into 1mm thick sheet and cut into small square form. Put in the middle of each square 2-3 gram of forcemeat.

The square dough should be folded up to half or in the form of a triangle and stretched back. Cook dushbara in broth for 5 about minutes.

In home conditions dushbara is made so small that 4-5 of them may be taken by a table spoon. When serving, put vinegar with garlic and sprinkle with coriander or dried mint. Your dushbara is ready…

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