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Dovga Recipe


Mutton – 108 gr.


onion – 15 gr.

peas – 15 gr.

sour clotted milk – 200gr.

sour cream – 40 gr.

egg – 1/3

flour – 8 gr.

rice– 20 gr.

spring onion – 18 gr.

spinach– 40 gr.

coriander – dill

leek– 30 gr.

mint- 15 gr.

celery – 10 gr.






In order to make dovga, beat up sour clotted milk with sour cream and flour, add egg and rice. To prevent the sour clotted milk from decomposing, all the mass should be continuously stirred. After it is boiled, add finely chopped herbs and salt and cook until it is ready. Dovga may be made both with and without meat. In order to make dovga with meat, boil preliminarily soaked peas in a separate pot, shape small meatballs (kufta) from the forcemeat and cook together with peas until ready. Then mix the cooked peas and meat with dovga.

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